Having your custom cane fitted to your height is important for at least two good reasons.


If you use your cane for balance and stability, it should be sized to the proper length for effective use.


Your custom cane will likely have carvings that should be centered on the length of the shaft. The worst case would be that in cutting the cane at home, you would cut off part or all of the carved areas.


To measure for fitting, you should stand erect with your street shoes and supporting arm slightly bent at the elbow. The bend should feel natural. At this point, with crook forward the palm of your hand would rest on the top of the cane. Have someone measure carefully. I personally measure to the base of the thumb.

 Please specify your length on your order form. Otherwise the standard length will be furnished. Measure carefully. There will be no refund for improper lengths.

 TIP-If you have a cane that fits you well, remove the rubber tip and measure the length.


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