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SINGLE GRIP GENTLEMAN CANE-NEW GENERATION, NEW DESIGN.                                              

The new single grip features a redesigned gentlemen,s style crook for non aggressive discrete carry. A full sized crook, approx 5" inside dimension with tastful grips on the crook end for hooking and pulling. A sturdy 1.03 dia x 38" long for custom fitting.  This tastful cane can be carried anywhere without raising the alarm.          GREAT FOR AIRLINE CARRY.

INCLUDES DEFENSIVE CANE 1-BASICS DVD. I have studied various martial arts for many years. I have noticed too many self defense DVD's are created by martial artists for martial artists. If you haven't spent years studying martial arts, are getting older or haven't exercised for awhile, this DVD is for you. You will learn some easy self defense movements and techniques that will enable you to use your new Cane as a powerful self defense tool. You can combine these movements in multiple ways to create many powerful self defense techniques.. If you have ever played tennis, billiards, swung a baseball bat or for that mater gone dancing, you can learn these movements. Many cultures developed a powerful self defense system using Canes and sticks. From the Korean style of Hapkido Cane fighting, Philippine stick fighting to Irish Whiskey Stick Dancing, I have borrowed elements of these styles in a simplified system. You will learn blocking, striking and hooking techniques.

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