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MAXIMA – this cane has it all! Our MAXIMA cane has MAXIMUM strength and hand carved features truely worth of a Black Belt Master. "THE MAXIMA IS OUR BEST CANE" 


Custom Oak octagon, squared nose dragon style, complete with 5 mm Swarovski crystal ruby eyes.  This cane has crook grips, extended shaft grips, extended side grips, and the bottom half of the shaft has shark teeth style serrations, perfect for use as “exercise band grips” or for use on pressure points.

 36 ¼ inches long (unless otherwise specified)  by 1 1/16 at widest point, around crook.  4 ½” wide crook is a full 5 inches deep. Plain rubber end. 

Weighs approx 1lb 2 oz.  Hand rubbed tung oil finish brings out some very nice grain on this cane.

 The octagon cane is sometimes referred to as a tear drop style, because it brings tears to your eyes when struck by one of those ridges!   

 These are custom made Canes and each one will be slightly different.  A cane with MAXIMUM appeal.

Each cane is made to order and there may be up to a 3 week delivery. Stock levels apply

Custom orders available without any of the above noted options.  All dimensions approximate as each stick varies slightly.

NOTE: your custom cane will be crafted to your height at no additional charge and is highly recommended. Visit CANE FITTING at the bottom of the shopping cart for details.

The best self-defense weapon is the one you have in your hand when you need it

One customer commented on our MAXIMA cane

  Most definitely the very best cane I have, of nine that I have acquired from around the planet. Extreme combat capability. So light and balanced, it spins in the air like a leaf falling from a tree but impacts like a Great White Shark





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