Escrima Sticks w/DVD

Escrima Sticks w/DVD

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The pair of hardened sticks are approximately 7/8 Dia x 28" long Rattan with a distinctive brown Amber burn pattern. This is for appearance and also hardening the shaft area.


The focus is to give  the average personDefensive skills and techniques with Rattan sticks. You will learn to wield two sticks, moving both hands independently but in co ordination with each other in an ambidextourous pattern. Learn Siniwali a Philippine weaving defense pattern difficult to penetrate. If you have studied other martial arts, you can integrate them with skills learned on this video. Included is a guide to developing a self-defense mind set.

 This DVD includes an Action Demonstration of various attacks. Core, two stick training drills and how to build training equipment. You will apply your training to two stick, one stick and empty hands in practical self-defense techniques. There is a section with advanced Escrima stick techniques.

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