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FIRE HARDENED RATTAN CANE. RATTAN STICKS OUT OF  STOCK. Approx  1 1/16 Dia x 38” long and selected for strength and a smooth nodded appearance. The shaft is Fire hardened with a distinctive burn pattern for appearance and hardening the shaft area.The large, open crook is designed for hooking and trapping moves.

 FIRE HARDENED RATTAN ESCRIMA STICKS, QTY 2. Approx 7/8 dia by 28" lg. Finely noded for strength with matching FIRE HARDENED burn pattern for appearance and hardening. 

DEFENSIVE CANE 1 DVD You will learn some easy self defense movements and techniques that will enable you to use your new Cane as a powerful self defense tool. You can combine these movements in multiple ways to create many powerful self defense techniques.. If you have ever played tennis, billiards, swung a baseball bat or for that mater gone dancing, you can learn these movements. . From the Korean style of Hapkido Cane fighting, Philippine stick fighting to Irish Whiskey Stick Dancing, I have borrowed elements of these styles in a simplified system. You will learn blocking, striking and hooking techniques.

DEFENSIVE CANE 2-STREET TALK DVD (NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE) This DVD gives the average person practical self-defense tools and tactics utilizing a self-defense cane. First is a guide to developing a self-defense mind set. You will then learnvarious blocks, strikes and distancing moves from various Philippine martial arts. This includes 9 Angles of attack and blocks and strikes from Kali. You will view practical demonstrations and finally practical street scenarios to help re in force your skills        Ancient Dragon

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