Just a note to let you know that I received the cane and the video yesterday. I am glad I purchased both from you! I'm 54 and have a bad hip from a smashing it took in 1987, so I have a legitimate use for the cane as a medical aid, but am very interested in alternate forms of lethal defense. I carry a concealed handgun regularly, and am licensed by the State of Texas to do so. Like you, I have used firearms all my life, the defensive handgun for 34 years. There are times when you may not be justified in using "deadly" force, and that's where the cane comes in. I’m too old and inflexible to start a serious martial arts regimen, so your video fills the bill! I appreciate you taking the time and interest to produce a "how-to"video for the "rest of us"! I'd very much like to see a Defensive Cane #2. Not all of us are able to spend hundreds of dollars and fly out of state to attend courses. That’s where your video does the trick. Thanks for a great training aid, and for a Great cane to get started with!Glenn/Texas
I received my Expert Cane and DVD package this date. The cane is better than I expected and it will now be my primary daily cane. I collect canes, three of which I purchased from Cane Masters in the past. Your Crocus cane is a much better value than the Crocus cane from Cane Masters. I have viewed your DVD and I enjoyed it. It is a good introduction to cane self-defense. I would like to see more advanced cane work in your future DVD's.
Keep up the good work.
A satisfied customer.

 Hi Chuck

 I watched your DEFENSIVE CANE 1 and DEFENSIVE CANE 2 videos a couple of times and will watch them many more.They are very good for anyone wanting to learn to use a legal carry self Defense tool (weapon). The tapes are an educational gift for anyone Feeling threatened in today's world.The instructions are well presented in a manner that is a simple step by step procedure. You leave students with a modicum of maneuvers that, with practice, will enable the prey in our society to feel a bit more secure. You are a relaxed, likeable, instructor. You do not over complicate the moves and demonstrate them nicely. The cane is an awesome legal weapon. Most predators seeing its capability As a weapon would probably look for easier prey.
You are taking away a great deal of fear for many. That is an awesome gift. I am looking forward to receiving the cane you recommended, and to future videos and products www.cdavisgroup.com offers.

 Thank you


Received my cane and shipping cost rebate and wanted to let you
 know I think it is good one . Very pleased with the product.
It is refreshing to do business with an honest man. Thanks
I will refer your company at any opportunity.
Terry A
I am into Eskrima. I found this site surfing the web and decided to sample
 the products. I was very pleased with the results. The cane alone got 
rave reviews from my instructors. I also had family members give good comments
 not only as a potential weapon but as a light weight strong and dependable cane. 
Congrats to C Davis.   Dee M
 Customer comments: There are a lot of shops out on the Internet to choose from.  I chose your web page because you are definitely conscious
 of self-defense.  You section on home securityreally won my respect.  Thank you for taking the time to post good quality information for 


Hello Ancient Dragon

 This thank you is overdue, I'm afraid, but thank you for the hardened rattan cane and the 2 DVD's.  The

cane is exactly what I have been looking for.  The only canes I had found till now had been hardwood

(nice but a bit heavy) and lightweight rattan canes that were to light and flexible except for training. 

This is exactly what I was looking for...an escrima stick, but longer and with a crook. As for the DVD's,

I don't think that I have encountered anyone else who addresses the needs of the average person, or

the aging person and your DVD's do a good job with both.  I personally like Disk 2. Defensive Mindset

section and the street scenarios chapter.   
In any case, thanks again.  I'll look forward to that cane lesson if you ever get to American Samoa.  If not,

we are planning to retire in about another year, so maybe I can get to MA and catch it there.  :-)

 Oh, and thanks also for the $15 shipping refund. 


Jim R



I just watched the 1st video and it is great. It is exactly what you said. I can't wait to watch

it again and again. As I told you, I will be teaching your techniques to Seniors in the

Baltimore area. There's no doubt that they will love this training. I look forward to organizing

a large group in hopes of getting you down for a live training. I will get back to you soon

with the info on the Amish carpenter that has the canes.

Nice Job.





Mr. Davis: I enjoyed your two cane DVD's very much...real "down home"---it is true that other videos on cane often have a lot of fancy, tricky moves more suitable for skilled

martial artists. Hope to visit your dojo sometime this coming summer.



Subject: RE: Cane order

Got it!  Great service!  I started watching the videos....very professional and easy to follow..

There are a lot of bad videos out there-yours is not one of
 them.  Thanks, Jim

 Mr. Davis - I have been using your escrima scraper for several weeks now in the northern
Wisconsin winter, and am very pleased with it.  I like the feel of the full shaft and it really
allows me to reach across my SUV.  I thought that the head might be a little bit small, but
I see how the size hugs the windshield contour perfectly.  Thanks!  I will be recommending
it to my martial arts and truck driving friends.


Dan D, Wisconsin



I received your wonderful cane and I am very pleased with its Horn shaped dragon

but I think its supposed to be a birds head.  The horn is open enough to work

out with and or carry on a daily basic. It is a dark cream color of good quality

wood. I just love it muchly. The Flintman. Jan.2011

self-defense.  With respect, you earn my business today and in the future. Robert C

Review Title: Maxima Cane, Ultimate Cane
  Cane was delivered in 5 days. Fit was exact. Most definately the very best cane I have, of nine

that I have aquired from around the planet. Provides great support while walking. I added a cushion

grip for hand and wrist pressure.Extreme combat capability. So light and balanced, it spins in the air

like a leaf falling from a tree but impacts like a Great White Shark


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